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Password Security

Let’s face it, nearly everything we do is digital. From social media to banking to paying bills to ordering pizza. Like most of our online experiences, privacy is of the upmost importance. Passwords keep us safe and they protect our personal information while we conduct our lives online. So, if everything we do is online, just how safe is that password you’ve been using?

Intel has a password grader which can give you an idea of how strong your password is. Now keep in mind, please do not use your actual password. Your password should include two criteria; easy to remember and very secure. Your password should include the following:

  • Lowercase letters
  • Uppercase letters
  • Numbers
  • Special characters (#$%*)
  • Spaces if allowed

The more complicated your password, the harder it will be to crack. So here’s another idea, why limit yourself to a name or word with some extra symbols added to it. How about a pass phrase?

“I want to be 23!”

Now this password is 16 characters long, includes numbers, spaces, upper and lower case, and special characters.

Or you can use a longer phrase like this:

“Tomorrow, I will go for a run along the river at 8!”

Instead of using this entire phrase, try using the first letter of each word and each character.

“Tomorrow, I will go for a run along the river at 8!”

Which will look like this: T,iwgfaratra8! Feel free to add some uppercase letters throughout if you would like. Now with a simple phrase, or your favorite activity, you can make a killer password that is not only strong, but makes it very hard for hackers to target you or break your password! For this and more tips on security, stay tuned for more of our blog posts!




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