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Cloud 101

So it seems like everywhere you turn you hear something about the cloud. So what is it? Well the cloud basically is a fancy buzz word for utilizing the internet. You see, the “cloud” refers to not onsite or over the internet on a server. So as long as you have a solid internet connection you can access the cloud. Keep in mind without a solid, fast internet connection, the cloud is useless!

So let’s talk more about the cloud. We use the cloud each and every day and may not be aware of it. When we upload our pictures to Facebook, they are being stored on the cloud. When we use web version of applications like Gmail, we are also using the cloud.

So why is the cloud so great? Well, one of the biggest benefits is the cost of the cloud. For instance, Adobe Creative Suit traditionally is a very expensive suite of onsite applications. You pay upwards of $2,000 often times for the full suite and they send you a physical disk to install the software on your system. When they come out with a new version, you then have to come up with the cost of the new disk. Now you can use Adobe Creative Cloud where you have a subscription base for the Application and save your data both onsite and in the cloud (this is known as a Hybrid Cloud Solution). You can upgrade whenever there is a new update for the same cost, no more expensive disk. Office 365 is another great example of the cloud. Get access to online storage, upgrades, and access mobile and your favorite office applications, all on a subscription basis without any upfront cost for the full Office Suite. This is a great solution for home users and college students.

With unlimited space and datacenters springing up across the country, the cloud is a very secure option for many of today’s common products and services. Business applications are now moving into town, however this is again based on bandwidth and internet speeds. Often times, Hybrid Cloud Solutions allow you to take advantage of the Cloud with powerful hardware components. Call NXT Evolution today if you’d like to learn more about how you can utilize the power of the cloud for home or business.



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    NXT Evolution has saved me a many hours beating my head against the keyboard with their outstanding help desk services.

    Joe Walker – Owner

    NXT Evolution's cloud services has provided my team with the necessary tools to communicate effectively.

    Nancy Schultz – General Manager

    The guys at NXT Evolution go above and beyond when we need them most.

    Grace Long – COO

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